About Us

NBC 26 (WGBA-TV) is the NBC local news affiliate located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Since 1996, NBC 26 News has been a pillar in the local TV community of Northeast Wisconsin. With a commitment to delivering comprehensive news coverage and fostering strong connections with its viewers, NBC 26 works to provide reliable and insightful reporting. Now, with Neighborhood News, it embodies this dedication to serve the local community. 

Neighborhood News is NBC 26's ongoing commitment to provide the most relevant and comprehensive grassroots journalism. By embedding reporters in neighborhoods across Northeast Wisconsin, you’ll see that the pulse of each community is not only heard but understood. 

Through Neighborhood News, NBC 26 reporters become integral parts of the communities they cover, forging deep connections with residents and gaining unique insights into the issues that matter most to them. Whether it's highlighting local events, investigating community concerns, or celebrating achievements, Neighborhood News brings the stories of Northeast Wisconsin to life with authenticity and depth. 

This hyper-local approach to reporting not only sets NBC 26 News apart but also seeks to strengthen the bond between the station and its viewers. By being present in the heart of Northeast Wisconsin's diverse communities, NBC 26 demonstrates its commitment to understanding the region's unique challenges and aspirations. 

As NBC 26 News looks to the future, in an ever-evolving media landscape, its commitment to serving the local community remains unwavering. With Neighborhood News leading the way, NBC 26 strives to empower and inform the people of Northeast Wisconsin for years to come.

NBC 26 is owned by the E.W. Scripps Company.