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Introducing the NBC 26 Storm Tracker!

Designed to keep you informed and safe during any weather event. The NBC 26 Storm Tracker is a powerful tool for tracking and reporting on weather conditions across Northeast Wisconsin.

At the heart of the Storm Tracker is its 360-degree roof camera, providing unparalleled visibility of the surrounding environment. This allows our team to capture real-time footage of weather patterns, road conditions, and any potential hazards, keeping you up-to-date with the latest developments.

But that's not all—the Storm Tracker is also outfitted with weather measuring sensors, enabling us to collect precise data on temperature, humidity, wind speed, and more. This information helps us to accurately forecast and report on current and upcoming weather conditions, giving you the knowledge you need to plan ahead and stay safe.

Inside the vehicle, a dash cam and internal cameras provide additional perspectives, ensuring that our team can capture every angle of the storm. Whether it's documenting severe thunderstorms, tracking blizzards, or reporting on traffic conditions during weather events, the Storm Tracker is always ready to deliver comprehensive coverage.

Along with a dedicated team of weather experts, the NBC 26 Storm Tracker is your trusted partner for staying informed, prepared, and ready in any weather situation. Keep an eye out for the Storm Tracker in your area, and stay tuned to NBC 26 for the latest and most accurate forecasts in your neighborhood.