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Gifts For Teens Holiday Parades Are Back!

The Green Bay Metro Fire Department and NBC 26 are teaming up again this year! We’ll be visiting eight Green Bay neighborhoods starting November 29th to raise awareness and accept donations to help area teens feel the magic of the holidays.

Donate to help teenagers in need in our community!

2021 Gifts For Teens


NOTE: All parades start at 6:00 p.m.

Mon. 11/29: Station 5

Map of parade route. It starts at Green Bay Fire Station 5

Tues. 11/30 Station 2

Picture of parade route number two. It starts at Astor Park.

Wed. 12/1 Station 7

3-STATION 7 ROUTE PIC 12-1-21.jpg

Thurs. 12/2 Station 8

4-STATION 8 ROUTE 12-2-21.jpg

Mon. 12/6 Station 9

5-Station 9 Route-FINAL 12-6-21.jpg

Tues. 12/7 Station 3

6-Station 3 route 12-7-21.jpg

Wed. 12/8 Station 6

7-STATION 6 ROUTE 12-8-21.jpg

Thurs. 12/9 Station 4

8-STATION 4 ROUTE 12-9-21.jpg