Alcohol a factor in fatal boat crash

Posted: 12:30 PM, Sep 13, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-13 17:39:15Z

An incident report involving a fatal boat crash lists alcohol as a factor.

The Officer Boat Incident Investigation marks a number 1 on "Alcohol Use" under list of "Contributing Factors" in the crash. It also marks a number 2 for "Navigation Rules Violation". 

The report indicates no one involved was wearing a personal floatation device before the incident. 

Two sisters died in the crash.  

The Winnebago County Sheriff's Office says the investigation is still open and pending at this time. 

In a previous interview , Capt. Dave Mack from the Winnebago County Sheriff's Office told NBC26 that investigators are awaiting blood test results to complete their investigation. Blood samples from both boat operators have been sent to a lab. Capt. Mack says the typical turnaround for those types of tests is about nine weeks. 

Investigators have found witnesses who saw the boats either before or after the crash. Apart from the people on the two boats, there doesn't appear to be anyone who witnessed the actual crash itself. 

Investigators aren't sure either boat saw the other before crashing.