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'It helps out this time of year': how Uber & Lyft help some make extra holiday cash

53% of adults say they are worried financially, 24% consider driving rideshare
Posted at 12:17 AM, Nov 28, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-28 09:16:31-05
  • A Morning Consult study finds that 53% of adults are worried about their financial stability for the holidays
  • 77% say they are either the same or worse off financially compared to last year.
  • Two local Uber drivers are using the rideshare service to pay for expenses.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

According to a study, 53% of adults are worried about financial stability this holiday season and an even larger amount believes the holidays cost more this year. As a result, many have considered taking on extra jobs such as driving for Uber and Lyft.

Bill Kotarski has driven around the Green Bay area with Uber for many years.

"It's profitable," Kotarski said. "I have a 100% acceptance rate, I've only gone with Uber and I always accept a trip. (I have had) 8,446 (trips), so far by Uber's account."

Now retired, he has 10 grandkids. He says the money he earns from Uber goes towards leisure time with them among other expenses

"And it helps out this time of year," Kotarski said. "You can give the kids better Christmas presents and it's just a good deal."

After Kotarksi, came another Uber driver, Lloyd Miller, who also drives around the Green Bay neighborhoods.

And with his driving experience, Miller was in agreement with bill about having more money for the holidays.

"I have not had a bad ride in seven and half years," Miller said. "It helps you know, the extra around the holidays, to buy a few presents with the price of food and everything else going up. It all helps."

According to a Morning Consult Study, increased worry around financial stability has led to 1 out of 4 four adults considering to drive with a ride share company.

That is also during a time where 3 out of 4 people believe they are either the same or worse off financially compared to last year.

Marketing expert Dr. Ani Pangarkar is an assistant marketing professor at UW-GB. He said using a credit card with cashback bonuses and looking for free shipping are two ways to be smart with your holiday spending.

"Maximize those offerings and use that, leverage that, successfully," Dr. Pangarkar said.

The study also shows that the least of people’s worries are overspending on credit cards and holiday travel overall.