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Packerland expansion: Two more businesses say they are selling land to Packers

Posted at 6:50 PM, Mar 20, 2024

TITLETOWN (NBC 26) — A decades-old soap store and a gas station are the latest businesses near Lambeau Field to say they are selling property to the Green Bay Packers. The Packers bought two other properties on the same block in the last four years, according to county records.

  • Last week we told you about the small church relocating after decades near Lambeau Field
  • Soap Products LLC also plans to move later this year and says it is selling its property to the Packers
    • The store plans to open a new location in Maple Grove off Highway 29 later this year
  • The operator of a BP gas station on Oneida Street near the stadium said the station's owner, US Oil, is also selling to the Packers
  • The Packers declined to comment for this story
  • Video shows the owner of Soap Products and operator of the BP station speaking about the transition

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

The Packers continue to gain yardage — but not on the field.

The Packers already own this building at 851 Mike McCarthy Way, and the one behind it at 838 Borvan Avenue.

Now, the operator of this BP gas station and this soap store say they're next on the list to become green and gold.

Packerland has grown around Soap Products LLC for decades.

"My in-laws initially had the business and they built this building in 1968," owner Tim Glodoski said.

They've seen every coach from Vince Lombardi to Matt LaFleur bark at players — just feet away.

"Probably in the next five years or so, we're going to go to a third generation," Glodoski said.

After half a century in the shadow of Lambeau, the owners say they're negotiating with the Packers about the sale of the property.

Soon, they'll break ground on a new store, 15 minutes away.

"We've gotten to a point where we've run out of warehouse space," Glodoski said. "So we've decided we need to make a move."

Across the street, the operator of the BP gas station, Tark Ojha, says its owner, US Oil, is also selling to the Packers organization.

"It's a little bit sad," Ojha said. "But at the same time, this is a very good opportunity for [the] Packers to move forward."

According to county records, the Packers bought these two plots of land — formerly Allied Equipment and John's Refrigeration — in the past four years, for $1.2 million each.

Now, Ojha and Glodoski say the Packers are adding these two parcels to their holdings on this block.

Ojha says BP has a contract to keep selling gas on the corner through 2030.

"This store will be still open for next five years plus, but our landlord will be [the] Packers," Ojha said.

The Packers declined to comment for this story, telling NBC 26 the former Allied Equipment building is "in position for potential future development," but that they can't comment on the other properties.

For Tim and Lori Glodoski — the potential final months of their shop near Lambeau are bittersweet.

"We've gotten to know some of the players, some of the coaches," Glodoski said. "And it's basically a very unique situation here. And we've enjoyed it."

Soap Products tells us they are planning to clean house and move to their new home in Maple Grove in September or October.