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Family ties: Bay Port football star breaking the Green and Gold mold

Tevyn Montgomery breaks Green and Gold mold
Posted at 1:53 AM, Oct 12, 2023
  • Tevyn Montgomery's family plays defense — his father Jerry is the defensive line coach for the Green Bay Packers, while his brother Jayden plays linebacker at Iowa
  • After a position change to running back, Tevyn is writing a new chapter in the family legacy, taking what he learned from his family about defense and applying it to offense
  • Montgomery is the latest in a string of players with Packers ties to play for the Pirates, as former running backs coach Sam Gash and current defensive coordinator Joe Barry also sent their sons to Bay Port
  • The Pirates' conference championship game Friday against West De Pere will air live on TV 32 as our Sports Showdown Game of the Week
  • Video shows Montgomery and teammates practicing Tuesday at Bay Port

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

His dad, the defensive line coach for the Packers. His brother, the linebacker at Iowa. But Tevyn Montgomery is writing his own story, taking what he learns from his family and applying it to his new role for the Bay Port Pirates.

Tevyn Montgomery is always around football. That will happen when your dad is the defensive line coach of an NFL team and your brother a Big Ten player.

"You see the time that goes into it, not just at practice, but at home, at work," Tevyn Montgomery said.

Tevyn started his career at the same place as his dad Jerry and brother Jayden — in the front seven on defense. But that changed when Bay Port's coaches tested his athleticism on the other side of the ball.

"They wanted me to try a little bit out at running back — running back, fullback — and I guess I was decent at it, I guess," Tevyn said.

He's been better than decent, averaging over nine yards per carry so far during his senior season. Tevyn attributes some of that success to his background on defense.

"You can play a lot quicker on offense because you know what you're going to do, you know the snap count," he said. "Whereas defense, it's a bunch of reads, a lot more mind games."

Tevyn is not the only Green and Gold son to play for the Pirates — former running backs coach Sam Gash and current defensive coordinator Joe Barry also sent their sons to Bay Port.

"From the Barrys to Montgomerys to Gashes, when they were here, they've just been awesome," Head Coach Gary Westerman said. "The best we've had, in terms of work ethic."

Westerman says the best part of having Tevyn and his older brother Jayden in the Bay Port program was their impact as people and leaders.

"They're better humans than they are football players — and they're great football players," Westerman said.

When Tevyn and his senior teammates take the field Friday, it won't be a grass field like this one, but the turf at West De Pere High School, as they hope to begin the final chapter of their high school football story with yet another conference title.