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Since the Great Depression: Pulaski High setting records off the field

Student newspaper boasts longest running program in the nation
Posted at 6:37 PM, Oct 05, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-05 19:45:19-04
  • Pulaski News claims it is the longest student-run newspaper in the country. The paper has been around since The Great Depression.
  • Students produce the newspaper in the Pulaski News course and earn English academic credit.
  • Students believe the program helps them beyond the world of journalism.

The Pulaski News, also called P-News, has been around since The Great Depression.
"We're the oldest student run newspaper that writes for the community in the country which is incredible," journalism instructor, Amy Tubbs said.

Tubbs said students put together 26 newspapers every school year.

Sports is one of the many topics the paper has been covering for decades. As the football team prepares for it's Friday matchup against Southwest High School, Pulaski News is preparing to cover it.

All the content is created during a class period geared toward the newspaper and each students receives academic for it.

Dahlia Maroszek has been with the program all four years of high school.

"I'll be going to Fox Valley Tech for a double major in culinary arts and hospitality management," Maroszek said. "I actually got to interview a woman who went on the first honor flight. That one really spoke to me because I'm a big feminist, girl power all the way so of course I was like that is the perfect article to write."

Although looking to pursue a degree outside of journalism, Maroszek says her time at P-news will always be worth it. She even worked part-time for the program in the summer and so has senior Sam Vanzeeland.

"You'd be surprised there's plenty of interesting people in the community if you look for them," Vanzeeland said.

And Vanzeeland believes connecting with the community has been most valuable.

"This class teaches you to be more confident, be more sure of yourself," Vanzeeland said. "I love interviewing people around the community and doing bio pieces on them. Just getting to learn more about interesting people."

For students looking to join Pulaski News, both Maroszek and Vanzeeland said three words -- "just do it."