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Oshkosh police investigating potential correlation between two reports of breaking and entering

Posted at 6:06 PM, Apr 17, 2024

    (The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story, with additional details for the web)

    Oshkosh Police say in the past two weeks, two women living just a half mile apart reported an intruder in their homes.

    They say on April 1st, a woman living on Vine St. reported a man in a mask standing in the doorway of her bedroom. Police say she described him as about 6'2 and thin. When she screamed, police say he ran out of the house.

    Aaron Richardson just graduated from UW-Oshkosh and also lives on the block.

    "We have had other incidents happening like breaking and entering which has kind of been more recent and is kind of scary," Richardson says. "So, we have been taking some precautions. Like, my landlord installed some lights.”

    More recently on April 14th, less than half a mile away on Wisconsin street, a similar incident. took place.

    Police say a woman told them she woke up to see a muscular man, standing about 6'0, standing over her bed ...

    She also screamed, police say, and he ran out.

    UW-Oshkosh student Evelyn Schroeder says she parks nearby and walks to class.

    "A man coming in, he probably feels like he's in power. [Like he] can do anything to you," she emphasized. "It's just, like, a really scary situation. So now I'm definitely locking my doors, locking my windows, locking down everything."

    Oshkosh Police say because of different suspect descriptions, it is unclear if the two events are connected. They're encouraging anyone with information to call 920-236-5700. To submit a tip anonymously, click here.