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One charged in Merrill Middle School disturbance

Merrill Middle School
Posted at 4:24 PM, Jan 17, 2023

OSHKOSH (NBC 26) — Following a disturbance at Merrill Middle School where several were taken into custody, one person has been formally charged.

Charlotte A. Fletcher, 37 of Oshkosh, was charged Tuesday with disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer after forcing herself inside the school and causing further disturbances on Jan 11.

According to the criminal complaint, a 13-year-old was being "non-compliant" with staff. As staff and the school resource officer responded to the disturbance, a group of adults gathered outside the school.

The group of adults was determined to be family members of the juvenile. While approaching the group, school resource officer Flaig notes they appeared upset and at points raised their voices.

A portion of the criminal complaint states "Comments were made from some of the individuals in the group that they wanted to go into the school. Officer Flaig told them they were not going into the school, referencing the fact that they were yelling. Officer Flaig attempted to maintain the peace and asked if they wanted JV1 to come outside. The group responded that they did. During this exchange, there were several discouraging remarks made by the individuals to Officer Flaig and the school. Officer Flaig reports that he believes that some of these remarks were referencing specific staff members. Officer Flaig asked the group if they wanted to talk to one of the staff members about the situation but he did not have much success in reasoning with them, based on their behavior."

Police released the juvenile to the family in hopes that the family would leave. While grabbing her cell phone, Officer Flaig attempted to close the door to keep the group from getting inside. However, an individual grabbed the door handle, rapidly pulling the door open, allowing the group to enter the building.

Officer Flaig attempted to stop them but they began rapidly moving down the hallway.

The complaint goes on to state that once inside the building, a disturbance continued and was "disruptive as the individuals in the group continued to be loud and boisterous and continued to yell. Officers that were arriving on scene were trying to gain compliance with several of the individuals but they struggled to do so. Some of the individuals were taken into custody at that time. However, Officer Flaig reports that each of the individuals who had entered the school had completely disregarded the multiple directives not to be inside the school and that ultimately they were all arrested for disorderly conduct, at a minimum," the complaint states.

It was reported that the group made their way through door number two and "all chaos ensued" with several adults and juveniles beginning to physically fight each other.

Due to the disturbance, the complaint goes on to state "the school had been put on another hold after the initial hold. Further, some students from the building had been evacuated and gone to Oaklawn Elementary about one mile from the school. Officer Flaig also reports that because of this disturbance several parents of other students had shown up at the school angry and upset, wanting to pick up their child early. Some of these parents were yelling at officers and creating a further disruption. Officer Flaig reports that because of this disturbance school release was also ultimately delayed."

Five other individuals were arrested at the school, but charges against them have yet to be filed.