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Local Eateries Band Together to Celebrate Oshkosh Restaurant Week

Posted at 5:38 PM, Jan 27, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-27 18:42:32-05

OSHKOSH (NBC 26) — More than two dozen local Oshkosh area restaurants participated in the annual Oshkosh Restaurant Week, created by The City of Oshkosh Visitor's Bureau.

  • Three different restaurants reflect on their experience with the 2024 Oshkosh Restaurant Week
  • How people can still partake in the festivities before it's too late

From the river front to the roadside, you can find many a delicious restaurant in Oshkosh. The city knows this all to well, but things have blown up so much in popularity that the Oshkosh Visitor’s Bureau decided to do something about it.
Enter the Oshkosh Restaurant Week: a 10-day long celebration of all things food around the Sawdust City.

According to from the Oshkosh Visitor’s Bureau, 28 unique restaurants are participating in the 10-day festival. And each restaurant has cooked up a special food grouping for those wanting to take part.

For Becket’s owner Kris Larson, the phrase “increased traffic” is an understatement.

“This year, we're really gonna have to figure out— you're gonna talk to other restaurants, they'll tell you the same," Larson said."This year,it has been extraordinarily busy, like a lot busy. And it's been awesome.”

Meanwhile, people like Parker John’s general manager Chynna Botzau are newer to this. She recently transferred to Parker John’s Oshkosh location and was blown away by the foot traffic.

"Coming from another location, I mean, it’s been really great to see the dedication that the people of Oshkosh have for their local businesses," she said. "Restaurants have been really, really busy and it’s just really proving the loyalty of the people who live here in Oshkosh."

And then there’s “The Taqueria” owner Elie Saad, who was born and raised in San Diego before moving to Oshkosh more than a year ago to start up this restaurant.

"We’ve only been open for about a year and a half, and before we opened, we were looking for a city that was progressive, that wanted to grow, and was open to what we have to offer, something that you don’t typically find in this part of the state or this part of the country, and you know Oshkosh was that," Saad said. "They were very welcoming, and the communities responded in just a great way."

Sunday is the last day you can enjoy sweet deals on some savory food, but act fast. Many participating restaurants are reservation-only.