UPDATE: Toddlers fall out of van, dad arrested for OWI

Posted at 6:09 AM, May 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-03 18:09:53-04

UPDATE: The man accused of allowing two young children to fall out of his van without realizing it appeared in court today. 

Robert Horsch is being charged with three felonies, and more could be coming.

He's facing two felony counts of neglecting a child and a felony of knowingly operating a vehicle while revoked.

According to a criminal complaint, Horsch admits two of his chilren fell out of the back of his van at the corner of South 8th Street and Indiana Avenue in Sheboygan Tuesday night.

The complaint says the 40-year-old father was home for around five to ten minutes before noticing they were missing. 

Horsch has four prior OWI's. 

A judge set bond at $10,000 cash. If convicted, Horsch could face 22 years in prison.

Police say a van passing through a Sheboygan roundabout went down South 8th Street last night but left two children behind.

"They were running right through there and actually i thought one of the cars was going to actually hit the kid," witness Kyra Voigt said.

Police said the kids, one and two years old, rolled out of the back of the van. The children went to the hospital with road rashes and scrapes and for one of them a fractured skull. Officers don't believe the children had car seats. They aren't sure if the father buckled his kids in. Police said one of the children gave enough information to lead officers to the father. Police found the dad at home unaware that his children weren't with him.

"He was helping another child and told us that he did not know the children were no longer in the van," Lt. Doug Teunissen, Sheboygan Police, said.

Officers arrested the 40-year-old Sheboygan man on two counts of child neglect and a fifth offense OWI. Police are awaiting results of a toxicology report.

"We think there's possibly medication involved, but we're unsure until we get those toxicology reports," Lt. Teunissen said.

Police believe the children are doing okay.