Residents deal with onslaught of mosquitoes

Posted: 4:30 PM, Sep 17, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-17 19:08:24-04

The mosquitoes are out, and they are relentless.

Several locals who spoke to NBC26 say they’ve never seen the mosquito problem as bad as it is right now.

One mom says her daughter danced at a high school football game Friday and just got attacked by mosquitos. Another person says he went outside to enjoy the weather a few days ago and came back covered with more than a dozen bites.

A lot of people are getting the urge to scratch right now after being outside, but experts say there are other, better ways to deal with these bites.

"The best thing is to not scratch just so you don't end up causing a localized skin infection just from scratching and rubbing off the top few layers of your skin,” says Karissa Singleton, an infection prevention specialist. “Best to put something on, something topical, some cream that will help stop the itching."

Singleton also says there are ways to try and prevent bites, even though its hot she recommends long sleeves and bug spray and people should get rid of standing water in the yard.