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I-41 near Highway 15 reopens after fiery semi-truck crash Wednesday morning

Posted at 10:30 AM, May 29, 2024

UPDATE: Northbound and Southbound I-41 have since reopened following the crash.

Grand Chute Police say a semi-truck crashed early Wednesday on Northbound I-41 near Highway 15

Police say after the truck struck a concrete barrier, the trailer axles detached and hit another semi-tractor.

Chris Hickman was driving south taking his father to the airport when he saw the crash.

"I heard some…what sounded like gunshots but I immediately knew they were tires popping."

Hickman says the truck then burst into flames. According to police the trailer was full of paper bales that caught fire after coming into contact with sparks from the wreck.

After getting his dad to the airport, Hickman says he returned to the scene to make sure everyone was okay.

"Having been a truck driver myself in the past, I kind of know what they are going through."

Hickman recorded video of the accident on his phone, showing the trailer's burnt remains.

Police say another passing driver safely helped the driver of the burning truck get out before it was fully engulfed.

Police also say no one involved in the crash was injured.

Police say they had to shut down I-41 northbound and southbound for accident cleanup. Both have since reopened.


Police say two semis were involved in a crash that led to a fire on Interstate 41 early Wednesday morning.

The crash happened at around 5:25 a.m. in the area of I-41 northbound near Highway 15 in the town of Grand Chute.

Police say the driver of a semi tractor-trailer traveling north collided with a concrete barrier on the side of the freeway. The collision led to significant damage to the trailer. The trailer axles then detached and hit another northbound semi-tractor.

Police say the tractor-trailer then slid along the interstate, creating sparks that set fire to the cargo consisting of paper bales. This caused the tractor-trailer to catch fire.

Police say a southbound semi-driver not involved in the crash witnessed the incident and helped the driver out of the semi-tractor before it was consumed by flames.

Nobody was hurt in the crash.

I41 fiery crash.jpeg

Police say I-41 northbound at Highway 15 is expected to remain closed for several hours as crews clean up the scene and make repairs.

The Wisconsin State Patrol is investigating the crash.


ORIGINAL REPORTING: The Outagamie County Sheriff's Office says authorities are working to clean up a crash on Interstate 41 near Appleton.

Dispatchers were called to I-41 near WIS 15 westbound for a crash before 5:30 a.m. Wednesday.

All lanes of traffic are currently impacted, and crews believe it'll take at least two hours to clear the spot.

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