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Powerball dreams come true in Green Lake

Posted at 4:36 PM, Jan 01, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-01 17:36:11-05
  • A $50,000 winning Powerball ticketwas sold in Green Lake last Wednesday.
  • A Crossroads Convenience store employee and a Green Lake resident told us they're testing their luck at the same store for Monday's drawing.

One lucky neighbor started 2024 with an extra $50,000 after purchasing a winning Powerball ticket at this Crossroads Convenience in Green Lake. I'm reporter Olivia Acree in Green Lake talking with some of you about how lucky you’re feeling for the big drawing
“$8.60,” said Crossroads Convenience employee McKenzie Toth.

A small purchase for a potential grand prize of $810 million that’s on the line monday night.

“Have a nice day,” said Toth. “Most of the people have come in today were purchasing Powerball's.”

Crossroads Convenience employee McKenzie Toth says that’s pretty typical on drawing day but last week's winning ticket purchased here could also have something to do with sales today.

“I wasn’t sure if it was just because that was going up as well but definitely when people are coming in as well, they were asking so they’re a lot of people who were hearing they’re like oh do you know who won it,” said Toth.

Talk of a winning ticket certainly brought Green Lake residents Doug and Darlene Lauzon of Green Lake to crossroads convenience.

“Oh yeah, we did we sure did yeah,” said the Lauzon’s.

Did pretty much everyone know?

“Oh yeah talk of the town for sure,” said the Lauzon’s.

The Lauzon's know just what they want if they win big.

“Oh, a place that’s warmer yeah closer to our daughters in California maybe,” said the Lauzon’s.

And Toth hopes Powerball players hold true to their promises.

“When they come in, they’ll say kind of the same thing: I’ll get you a car whatever when I win,” said Toth.

Again, the next drawing is Monday night for $810 million and a win would definitely start the new year off right.