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Plymouth is now officially the Cheese Capital of the World

Posted at 11:57 PM, Jun 03, 2021

PLYMOUTH (NBC 26) — From Cheddar to Gouda, mozzarella and feta, we’ve all got a favorite cheese. Today is National Cheese Day, and there's no better way to celebrate than by indulging in a block from Wisconsin.

“We just celebrate everything cheese and everything dairy," said Tracy Foss.

Cheese Counter and Dairy Heritage Center

The Cheese Counter and Dairy Heritage Center opened in 2017, offering a unique shopping experience to cheese-lovers visiting Plymouth. Customers can learn about the cheesey history of Plymouth, test their knowledge and try free samples. Around 15 percent of the cheese consumed in the U.S. moves through Plymouth, said Foss.

"There’s so much richness in Wisconsin with the dairy industry," she said. "We have all our farmers, we have all of our incredible companies.”

The slogan that started in the 1920s is now part of the city; last Saturday, new arches were officially unveiled, proclaiming Plymouth the Cheese Capital of the World.

“We definitely want to share everything and let everybody experience all the different flavors," said Foss.

The city is home to countless cheese makers, from Sargento to Masters Gallery and Great Lakes, all of which you can find at the Heritage Center.

“I think it’s important to buy local dairy products to keep them in business," said Dylan Sweeney, Cheese Ambassador at the Cheese Counter and Dairy Heritage Center. "People around here have lived here a long time, they put their heart and soul into their businesses, and I think they deserve to be rewarded for that.“

The shop gained a strong support base to keep them during the COVID-19 pandemic, said Foss.

“A lot of love from the community just to make sure that we stayed afloat and came in and bought various cheeses," she said. "And we’re just very lucky that way.“

The cheese counter and dairy heritage center is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day of the week except Sunday and Tuesday.