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Massive fire at Menominee, Mich. paper mill now officially out

Officials share update on Menominee, MI paper mill fire
Posted at 3:22 PM, Oct 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-21 17:55:55-04

MENOMINEE, Mich. (NBC 26) — The massive paper mill fire that burned for more than two weeks in Menominee, Michigan is finally out, about a day earlier than expected.

Friday morning, the Menominee Fire Department announced the fire is out at the fire site. After a thorough examination by on-site personnel and thermal imaging by drone, no hot spots or fires were found.

The fire department met with the property owners who felt comfortable taking responsibility for the site.

During the course of material removal over the next week, additional hot spots are probable. The fire department has developed a plan to respond back to the scene if/when hot spots are encountered.

The fire department is in the process of cleaning and removing equipment from the scene. Sixty-eight fire departments from Michigan and Wisconsin assisted with the fire over the 16-day period. The next steps include debris and firefighting water removal from the site, the EPA said.

Air monitoring will continue at the site during the debris removal. EPA will discontinue air monitoring in the community now that the fire is out.

Updates regarding the fire came from a joint effort of federal, state, and local agencies.