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Pooches and pints: Allouez brings people and dogs together

Dogs of all shapes and sizes enjoy Barktoberfest
Posted at 9:40 PM, Sep 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-09 22:40:07-04
  • Pooches and Pints Barktoberfest promoted dog adoption with an off-leash dog park, beer, live music, and fellowship
  • Misfit Mutts Dog Rescue of Green Bay and the Village of Allouez collaborated to host Barktoberfest, an event which takes place twice per year
  • Internet company TDS Fiber presented Misfit Mutts with an additional $250 donation
  • Misfit Mutts lists 16 dogs available for adoption on its website
  • Video shows dogs and people enjoying company and live music

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

Ben here came from halfway across the world from China — where his name was Wang Wang. It's now Ben, and he's getting the chance to socialize today with other dogs at the Barktoberfest here in Allouez.

The Pooches and Pints Barktoberfest brought two- and four-legged friends together.

Dogs like Ben could go off leash inside a fenced area. Here's what one had to say about meeting other dogs.

"Bark, bark, bark," the dog said.

Karen Van Eperen came to represent Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin and says Barktoberfest was a good social event for dogs and people alike.

"They get so excited with every new dog that they see, and of course they just kind of gather together," Van Eperen said. "So, it's a happy event."

Misfit Mutts Dog Rescue of Green Bay helps to organize Barktoberfest to promote dog adoption.

Allouez hosts a dog event twice per year along with Misfit Mutts, once in June and once in September, and the Village says it hopes to continue doing that for future years and hopefully add a second dog play area.