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New housing subdivision and Chick-fil-A? Bellevue pushes development plans ahead

Bellevue advances plans for future development
Posted at 5:28 PM, Sep 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-14 18:28:14-04
  • The Bellevue Village Board recommended approval Wednesday of the preliminary plan by a vote of 4-1 — a plan that would bring 17 houses and 188 multi-family units to a piece of land between Glenmore Road and Main Street
  • The Board added two provisions to the plan: a Traffic Impact Analysis and some pedestrian connection to Glenmore Road
  • Director of Community Development Andrew Vissers told NBC 26 that Chick-fil-A submitted a site plan to the Village for approval — hoping to build on Monroe Road just north of the future Valvoline and Club Car Wash
  • Video shows the new site location, preliminary plans and residents voicing opinions about the plan

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

The Green Bay Metro Area continues to expand east, out into fields like this one. We told you earlier this week about the new restaurants coming to Bellevue — but will there be new houses to match? I'm your Bellevue neighborhood reporter Karl Winter, and the main issue on the Village Board agenda was whether the Board approve a new housing subdivision that would bring 17 new house lots and almost 200 other units right here to this field.

The Bellevue board voted 4-1 to move the housing plan forward. The vision of staffer Andrew Vissers and the Board — plus the new housing development — are now closer to reality.

"It's the perspective of the Village to be an urbanized community and build out all parcels," Vissers said.

Each public speaker who spoke at the meeting, prior to the vote, aside from the developers themselves, was opposed to the housing proposal.

"How many apartments is too many?" Michael Shepeck said. "I think Bellevue's got more than they need."

One main point of contention from local homeowners was traffic on Glenmore Road — where there would be a temporary entrance to both the subdivision and the multi-family units.

"That road is at capacity right now," Bob Kropp said. "I think once there's an entrance onto Glenmore Road, it's never going to go away."

Village staff argue that traffic studies show there have only been two crashes at Glenmore and Main Street since early 20-0. The Board also voted to add a Traffic Impact Analysis to the proposal. Staffers also say the future property values increases would foot the tax bills.

"I know everyone would prefer to see either low-density or no development but it's really difficult based on the economics of it," Vissers said.

Some villagers say more future multi-family units will not improve Bellevue.

"We wanted a quiet place to raise a family, and you just don't get that with these high-density units," Kyle Peot said.

One other tasty piece of development news we learned — Chick-fil-A could be on the way to Bellevue. The chicken joint submitted a site plan to the Village to build right here on Monroe Road, just north of the Club Car Wash.