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Family's Wish Fulfilled: Tree now displayed outside Lambeau Field

Posted at 5:48 PM, Nov 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-27 18:48:29-05
  • The Festival of Lights tree at Lambeau Field came from a neighborhood in De Pere
  • A grandfather made a tradition of decorating the blue spruce with his grandsons every year
  • Watch the video to hear how the family always hoped the tree would be displayed outside Lambeau Field

It is more than a tree.

Before a blue spruce was placed outside Lambeau Field for the Festival of Lights, it was part of family traditions and hopes for the future at a De Pere home.

Tom La Luzerne made a tradition of decorating the tree with his grandsons every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, according to his family. La Luzerne passed away suddenly several years ago.

"They would come over and help Papa, and they would put lights on that tree," said Elaine La Luzerne of the family tradition maintained by her late husband.

One of the grandsons who decorated the tree with Tom La Luzerne was Evan Roberts.

"I can just picture the tree we'd always decorate, now I can't believe it's going to Lambeau," said Roberts.

As their family, and the tree, grew up, Tom and Elaine had a shared wish.

"... I said to him, 'You know when [the tree] really gets big, it would be beautiful at Lambeau Field,'" Elaine said. The husband and wife shared that dream.

"Tom got his wish, it went to Lambeau Field."

The current owners of the property in De Pere, Roger and Tricia Gadda, donated the tree to the Packers, knowing the family history behind it.

"Having it at Lambeau, I'll be able to... see it one time, all lit up, and especially in memory of Tom," said Tricia Gadda.