Greenleaf woman sentenced for driving drunk, hitting Ashwaubenon officer

Posted at 10:09 PM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-26 23:10:19-04

A Greenleaf woman offered an apology and was handed a jail sentence in court Tuesday in the case of an Ashwaubenon officer hit along a local freeway while on duty.

Kalin McGuire will spend six months in jail as part of 24 total months she'll spend on probation. 

That's after pleading no contest to OWI resulting in great bodily harm. 

In an emotional statement in court, she offered her apology to Officer Brian Murphy and his family.

When Murphy left the hospital, he was greeted with cheers. 

Now, he's back to work, but he's constantly reminded of the crash.

"Everything from having to put my wedding ring on a different hand now because my hand got split open, putting my nametag on today is hard because it's bent from the collision," said Murphy.  
McGuire hit Murphy with force, possibly going as fast as 45 mph. 

“Because of my decision to drive, he was left unable to do his job, a job so important and so meaningful, that the thought of the lives he could've saved and all the people he could've protected but was unable to because of something I did pains me," said McGuire. 

McGuire says she'd take back that night if she could. 

"I offer to you the court, to Officer Brian Murphy, his family, his friends, his fellow officers, and to all those impacted by my decision to drive that night my wholehearted apology," said McGuire.  

"I don't think this is the act of a bad or evil person, just merely a careless one but the consequences are pretty severe nonetheless," said Murphy. 

Murphy says he thinks six months about the same time he spent rehabbing his injuries is a just sentence.

McGuire is scheduled to start her jail sentence in two weeks. 

She'll also have to pay Murphy more than $4,000 in restitution.