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Mother searching for good Samaritan who comforted her daughter after car crash

Posted at 5:06 PM, Apr 12, 2024

NEENAH (NBC 26) — Courtney Thoma got into a car accident and her toddler was in the backseat. She's asking for help to find the good Samaritan who comforted her daughter.

  • Courtney Thoma, her husband, and toddler got into a car crash last Saturday.
  • Everyone survived the crash.
  • Thoma wants to repay the selfless actions of a good Samaritan, and is asking for for help to find him.
  • “He was the first one to come by and see if I was okay," said Thoma.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

Courtney Thoma and her family always take the same route home.

“We were just on the way home from gymnastics," she says. "It’s an intersection that’s typical. We travel it almost daily.”

But last Saturday, the family was in a crash while driving through the intersection of Winneconne and Westowne Place in Neenah.

Thoma's 3 1/2 year old daughter, Addilynn was in the back seat.

Thoma says no one was injured, but onlookers still rushed to help. Including a man eating at a Culver’s across the street with his family.

“He was the first one to come by and see if I was okay [or] if I needed anything. I believe he was the one who called 911."

Then, the good Samaritan did something Thoma wasn't expecting.

“He ended up coming back a little while later with a doll and a blanket that was his daughter’s. His daughter said that she wanted my daughter to have it.”

But amid her confusion and shock after the crash, Thoma wasn’t able to get the man’s contact information—but one detail did stick with her.

“All I know is that his daughter’s name is Nora.”

Thoma now says she hopes the public can help her find him so that she and her daughter can thank him and his daughter properly.

“Especially with his daughter being 3 1/2,"

the same age as Thoma's daughter,

“...that’s really young as well so being able to give up your blanket and doll to someone was…a really kind thing to do.”

Thoma says her daughter goes everywhere with the blanket and the doll, which she named Nora. After the girl who gave it to her.