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Fleet of plows, tons of salt clear snowfall

Keeping roads clear with Howard public works
Posted at 6:24 PM, Jan 09, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-09 19:24:29-05
  • Video shows inside the cab of a Village of Howard snow plow
  • Village Public Works Geoffrey Farr walks us through features on the $300,000 vehicle
  • How many plows are in the village's fleet

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

A couple hundred tons of salt will be on the streets of Howard thanks to plows like this one. I’m Pari Apostolakos, your Howard neighborhood reporter, showing you how the village is clearing up the first major snowfall of the year.

This plow has one driver to operate the two side plows, which are called wings, and the front plow. There are four joysticks in the front cab and other controls. Howard public works director Geoffrey Farr says 12 plows are dedicated to just the village roadways. 11 of them will be on the roads starting at 2 a.m. Wednesday, along with four other vehicles that clear sidewalks and trails.

"And we have salters," Farr said. "So, you can see we have a large spray bar down on the bottom, and so those are additional controls to operate. There's a tailgate salter, all the salt comes in here [and] drops down on the spinner and is applied to the road."

Farr says 15 employees are set to be dispatched Wednesday morning.