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Pulaski school board candidates talk most pressing issues before election

Posted at 4:31 PM, Mar 27, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-27 17:31:52-04

PULASKI (NBC 26) — With less than a week to go until the general election, NBC 26 checks in with the Pulaski Area Community School District Board candidates about their campaigns.

  • Hear directly from Steve Liegl and Jenny Rybicki about what they think are some of the biggest issues facing the school district
  • Liegl and Rybicki won the top two spots in February's primary, with Liegl winning the most votes
  • Anyone who lives in the Pulaski school district is eligible to vote for the school board seat

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story.)

In just under a week the Pulaski school board will have a new member. I'm your Pulaski neighborhood reporter Pari Apostolakos. I caught up with the candidates about their campaigns.

The February primary narrowed the field to two candidates: Steve Liegl and Jenny Rybicki. Liegl took the most votes in that contest, 960 to Rybicki's 596. Now, they're going head to head in next week's election for the school board member-at-large seat.

Liegl says two of the most important issues facing the district are safety and financial transparency.

"How are students treating each other? How are they treating our staff? How are we managing the ins and outs of our buildings within the district," he said. "How do we get the taxpayers more involved in the budget process as well as the spending process?"

Rybicki says throughout her campaign she's been speaking with voters about teacher retention.

"It seems like we're within the state average based on the data," she said. "But I've said it before that sometimes you've got to dive deeper into the data if it keeps coming up as an issue."

I also asked the candidates, how will you address these issues if you're elected?

"My recommendations to the board immediately would be getting more law enforcement involved in our school district," Liegl said. "You know, and with the planning and the safety of our students, law enforcement knows best."

"I think really initially just getting my feet wet and understanding all the things going on in the district. You know, we are a seven school district," Rybicki said. "The opportunity to just get my feet wet, start to really understand where the issues are."

Anyone who lives in the Pulaski school district is eligible to vote for the school board seat. Election day is April 2. In Pulaski Pari Apostolakos NBC 26.