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'This is the place to be': New Green Bay superintendent is excited for new school year

Superintendent Tiller visited local schools to kick off first day of classes
Posted at 5:01 PM, Sep 05, 2023

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — The first day of school can bring out many emotions for students, but it may have been Green Bay's new superintendent Claude Tiller Jr. who was most excited for the new school year.

  • Superintendent Tiller said he plans to move the needle by raising literacy scores by 5%, math scores by 10% and overall attendance to 95%.
  • One of his biggest goals is to achieve a 100% graduation rate at Green Bay high schools. He says the current graduation rate is around 88%. He said he helped raise the graduation rate in Detroit from about 60% to now 71%.
  • The superintendent said he is focused on year one and that he looks forward to seeing his goals "come to fruition" by next year.

"I always had this type of energy," Tiller Jr. said. "I'm not one who just sits in my office. I believe in being omnipresent and omni-sound."

Energy that Tiller said he plans to use to bring the Green Bay Area Public School District to new heights.

"You have to have this type of energy in order to move the needle," Tiller said. "I'm excited to make sure, as we sit around the round table with my team, to see the things we are starting to put in place come to fruition."

While he did not give specifics, he said he plans to move the needle by raising literacy scores by 5 percent, math scores by 10 percent and overall attendance to 95 percent.

The ultimate goal is to achieve a 100 percent high school graduation rate. Tiller said the rate is around 88 percent and he plans to improve Green Bay's rate in the first year.

"In Michigan we moved it from 60 to 71 percent, so from 88 to 100 percent, we can do that," Tiller said. "Our team is audaciously working daily to get at that piece and at that task."

As the school year begins, he also has a message for the parents.

"This is the place to be. I'm your superintendent and now is the time," Tiller said. "If you're at any other district, you need to come to Green Bay Area public school district."

After visiting Edison Middle School, he made a stop at Washington Middle School and other schools around the area.

He started as superintendent in July 2023.