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Some homeowners in Green Bay could get up to $10,000 for flood prevention

Posted at 6:20 PM, Dec 15, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-15 19:20:43-05
  • City of Green Bay has introduced the East River Flood Mitigation Grant program that allows homeowners to receive up to $10,000 for flood prevention.
  • Video shows a blue map displaying which neighborhoods are eligible for the grant.
  • People living near the East River recall the 2019 flood that caused great damage to homes in the area. Video shows water levels reaching to the top of cars.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

A lot of people living on Green Bay’s east side could be receiving money to prevent future flooding.

Funds are now available to those living along the east river for flood prevention.

Video shows the shaded blue area that roughly represents which neighborhoods within green bay qualify for it.

"You want to do something before the flood starts," Ronda Bitney, City of Green Bay real estate specialist, said.

She said not a lot of people have not jumped onto the opportunity yet.

The city was awarded $250,000 and each homeowner could receive up to $10,000 of that for assistance.

The blue area represents those in the 2019 east river area flood zone — A time that brought major damage to homeowners.

Our home was fine, there was no flooding and we weren't in danger at all but just walking around the neighborhood you just saw the water just up to the streets and up to the sidewalks," Green Bay residents, Josh Day and Kerry Kratzke, said. "The part behind us was all flooded out."

NBC 26 was on the scene when the floods happened. Neighbors sent me photos and videos of the neighborhood with water levels reaching toward the top of cars.

Bitney wants everyone to know that the program is about being proactive before an actual flood occurs. She says right now is the best time with low rain and snow levels.

"You can still get contractors out there, you can still get new gutters put on your house that will help gutter guards, that will help keep your gutters from getting full which jams up water," Bitney said.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) gives three steps for flood prevention: Know your risk, insure your property and reduce your risk.

Neighbors tell me a lot of the people living around the east river sold their homes after experiencing major flooding.

Click here to see if you’re eligible to receive funds for further protection.