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'It happened right in our front yard,' Neighbors shaken up after deadly stabbing

Posted at 5:44 PM, Jun 04, 2024

GREEN BAY (NBC26) — Neighbors on Green Bay's east side are sharing their shock after a man was stabbed to death along their block.

  • Video shows the front lawn where neighbors found the victim near S. Roosevelt St. and Cass St.
  • Green Bay Police say three people are in custody but they're not yet identifying them.
  • Neighbors say this is not the first time violence has occurred in the area. They describe the neighborhood as "close-knit."

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story.)

"It became kind of personal because it happened right in our front yard," said Chris Anderson of Green Bay.

What started as a normal day for Anderson, ended with paramedics and police in his yard.

"Then the cops came and I realized that it was a homicide," Anderson said.

Anderson said he did not see the man fall in his front lawn, but he saw paramedics trying to revive him.

"(There was) blood and you can tell that he'd been stabbed and it was disturbing," said Anderson.

Neighbor Christine Creek Conrad saw the man from across the street.

"Last night I just couldn't unsee what I saw," Creek Conrad said.

She said she was outside with a friend minutes before the man was in her neighbor's yard. She then saw police and paramedics show up.

"I think about his family, friends, all the people in his life too," said Creek Conrad. "Because I have kids the same age, so that's tough."

Neighbor Eric Drzewiecki said it's not the first time there's been violence in the area.

"The fact that we had a shooting just down this street, just about a block down where a young man died and then a stabbing just a few houses down here, and the young child that died by getting caught on the blinds, that's all happened so close to home," said Drzewiecki.

Neighbors say the area is close-knit.

"So maybe, as a result of that, it gets under-policed in a sense they're just like, hey we got to devote our resources elsewhere, and then things start popping up," Drzewiecki said.

Neighbors say they are thinking about the victim and his family, and they tell me they feel safe in their neighborhood.

Police say three people are in custody but have yet to release their names.