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Inflation over furry friends: What pets owners should consider with increased prices

Studies show higher costs for pet care, local Vet shares advice prior to adoption
Posted at 9:24 PM, Sep 22, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-22 22:24:45-04
  • The price of dog food increased 45.5% on average since 2020. The average price increase is typically 5% each year, but prices has seen an approximate 15% increase since 2020
  • 50% of people surveryed admit to looking for cheaper options for food, treatment, toys and treats as a result of the price increase.
  • Dr. Barnstoff, Animal Hospital of De Pere Veterinarian and owner, lists what people should consider prior to adopting a pet.

One veterinarian said that aspiring pet owners need "make sure you have time for that pet".
You'll need to make sure you have enough money for it too as the price to take care of a pet continues to rise.

Dr. John Barnstoff, admits taking care of a pet is an expensive task.

Even dog food has gone up a whole bunch in the last few years since COVID basically.

According to, the price of dog food increased 45.5% on average since 2020.

Of 1,000 people surveyed, 50% admit to looking for cheaper options for food and treatment as a result of the price increase. said that wet dog food from the Pedrigree brand has seen the biggest increase since 2020, jumping 207%.

The most expensive price tag however, are trips to the Vet. High demands for Vets could play a role.

"You know a lot of times now it may be a month before you can get into your veterinarian," Barnstoff said. "Some veterinarians even take three to six months."

There are other places around the Green Bay area that help pet owners save some money on veterinarian bills, including the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary on Broadway Ave.

"It also allows people who would not otherwise be able to afford the care to get proper care for their animal," Joe Becker, Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary volunteer, said. "(That is) absolutely vital for a long and healthy and happy life."

If you're thinking about getting a pet and concerned about rising costs, Dr. Barnstoff has some advice.

"Do some research as to what these dogs are have been used for what they typically are like," Barnstoff said. "The other thing is also understand that these guys are dependent on you. You know if your dog goes out and gets sick for some reason or gets hit by a car, you have to pay those bills and those bills may be sizable."