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'Green Bay is amazing,' Packers fan in Brazil 'excited' for team's season opener

The Green & Gold will face the Philadelphia Eagles on Sept. 6 in São Paulo, Brazil. The game will be aired on NBC26.
Posted at 10:46 PM, Apr 10, 2024

GREEN BAY (NBC26) — The buzz from the big news that the Green Bay Packers will be heading to São Paulo, Brazil has many local and international fans excited.

  • Carolina Borba lives in Brazil and is a longtime Packers fan who lived in De Pere for a couple of years while being part of the high school student exchange program.
  • Borba explains the "anxious" feeling of waiting to see if the Packers would be chosen for the game in Brazil. The Cleveland Browns were also being considered.
  • The game will air on Peacock and NBC26.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

"It's super exciting we're going international this year," a fan said.

Excitement around Sept. 6, the day the Green Bay Packers open the season against the Philadelphia Eagles in São Paulo, Brazil.

"I can't wait for the year to start already and it's only April," one fan said.

It will also be the first NFL game played in South America. A big moment for Green Bay fans locally and internationally.

"Green Bay is amazing, the city is amazing, the people are amazing, the team is really cool," Carolina Borba, a Green Bay Packers fan, said.

Carolina Borba is a longtime fan of the Green and Gold and lives in Fortaleza, Brazil.

She grew up in Brazil but has ties to northeast Wisconsin

"I went to visit my brother, he was an exchange student in De Pere," Borba said. "When it came time to do my exchange program when I was in high school, I ended up in Wisconsin as well with the same family so it was really cool."

Carolina says she cherishes the time she had in De Pere. After graduating high school, she went back to Brazil but the fan in her never left.

Now, she's hoping to see her favorite team play in her home country.

"I was super excited, just like anxious and everything and then this morning I saw the news and I was like 'Oh my Gosh' this is crazy, super happy obviously," Borba said

The Packers' first international regular season game was in London during the 2022 season. Now, fans hope the international play continues.

"A lot of Green Bay fans, especially me, more towards the Latino side we love Green Bay, we love the Packers, it's just cool so Mexico City would be great," Anthony Cortes, a Green Bay Packers fan, said.

If you’re not taking the trip to Brazil, you’ll be able to watch it on NBC26.