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'I never feel scared when I'm here': Owner of winery talks about some spooky guests

Posted at 8:24 AM, Oct 30, 2023
  • Video shows the setup inside Captain's Walk Winery and why many believe it is haunted.
  • The winery has a lower cellar where many think would be the most haunted place in the house, but there's a different room with more suspicious stories.
  • Owner of the Captain Walk Winery said that the house in which the winery resides in is one of the oldest homes in Green Bay.

Captain's Walk Winery — A typical walk winery right? Well, to much surprise, the house it's located in has more than a century's worth of historic and haunted memories.
"I never feel scared when I'm here," Captain's Walk Winery owner, Donna McVey, said. "I feel like maybe someone is here and stuff happens that I can't necessarily explain but I try to explain it really hard."

Captain's walk winery is located in a historic house built in 1857 and turned into a winery in 2007.

"We've just decided to make it a really great place to come and hangout and drink wine and spend time with your friends and family," McVey said.

Historic features of the house are still preserved, including it's most haunted section. Before we mention that, McVey brought us to a different haunted area in the house.

"This is the cellar space. They discovered that when they unearthed foundations for the other properties and buildings that were being built in the area, they found grave stones and things washed up in the river," McVey said. "So it became obvious that this house might very well I've used stones from the burial site to make the wall down here and you can see some of the larger rhinestones that are turned backward."

Wine barrels, future development and the presence of a supernatural figure named Helen.

"Helen was the only one that was unmarried after the parents passed away, so the house, that was just tradition, the house was left to her," McVey said.

McVey added that Helen couldn't afford to keep the house and died just a couple blocks away in a nursing home.

It's believed she stills visits her old home.

"People had seen her at the top of the stairs and they felt a presence," McVey said.

When we went to the third floor, two visitors were shocked to hear about the floor's history.

"For the most part people have come in and books have been of the been taken off shelves open and the lights on and but this is one of the most active rooms," McVey said. "I think she really loved her house, she really wanted to keep the house and couldn't and so now after she died she came back."