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Magnet fisher finds possible explosives in water near Lakeside Park

Posted at 5:20 PM, Apr 15, 2024

FOND DU LAC (NBC 26) — For Adam Willcome and his friends, they went from enjoying a calm day kayaking on the water to finding possible explosives.

  • Willcome and a group of magnet fishers say they found three grenades in the water near Lakeside Park
  • Law enforcement and the bomb squad were called out, but have not confirmed they were grenades

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

Magnet fishing content creator Adam Willcome was out on the water filming with his buddies at Lakeside Park on Saturday.

But Willcome says the energy changed after a member of the group found what he believed was an old grenade.

“He was fishing right about at this post," Willcome pointed out. "He tossed his magnet right about out there. That’s when he pulled up the first grenade.”

When the group moved in closer, Willcome says that’s when his magnet picked up a second one.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes what I saw when the next one came out of the water. I kind of just shouted to everybody else ‘hey! Look what I got here!’”

Shortly after that, a third one.

“This one was a little bit scary because it still had the pin in it," Willcome continued.

Meaning it could still be live.

In this video, you can see the moment he realizes the danger he could be in.

Fond du Lac Police called in the Milwaukee County Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit to take what Adam and his friends fished up.

But he says, this won’t stop him from magnet fishing in the future.

“I’m going to keep on tossing!”

NBC 26 reached out to both Fond du Lac Police and Milwaukee County Police. Neither department has confirmed they were grenades, but Fond du Lac Police did confirm that the bomb squad was called to the scene as a precaution.