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$3,500 per night: Village considers relaxing rental restrictions during Draft

Posted at 6:47 PM, Jun 12, 2024

BELLEVUE (NBC 26) — The Village of Bellevue is considering sunsetting regulations on short-term rentals prior to the 2025 NFL Draft.

  • There are approximately 4,600 hotel rooms in the Green Bay area and some of the rooms will be taken up by NFL representatives, media representatives, and prospect players and family — so Bellevue anticipates an influx of short-term rental applications
  • Village staff suggested relaxing the policy prohibiting "a rental less than 7 consecutive days," for a period of two weeks before the Draft to one week after the Draft, according to a memo from staff to the Village Board
  • The board is discussing the rentals at its meeting on Wednesday night — the full list of regulations for rental hosts is detailed on pages 197-212 of the agenda packet
  • We spoke with a short-term rental host who listed her home — about 9 miles from Lambeau Field — for $3,500 per night during the Draft

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

How much do you think it costs to rent this house during the 2025 NFL Draft?

We'll tell you, shortly — we're at the Village Hall, where Village staff is considering relaxing regulations on short-term rentals.

Taryn Smith is a full-time teacher, full-time mom — and part-time rental host.

"When we moved here, I started renting out this house, and really just started so that we could bring in a little extra money," Smith said.

While some villages are doubling down on rental restrictions, Bellevue wants to make it easier.

Right now, owners have to:

  • Get a County Health inspection (for at least $315)
  • Check their homeowner's insurance and HOA requirements
  • Get approval from the Village
  • Get a seller's permit

The Village might relax its approval process for that one week in April.
"This is not a relaxation of the entire rules," Community Development Director Andrew Vissers said. "It's more so the discussion and the dialogue of whether we we relax the approval process, and make it more efficient and less burdensome."

Taryn says the process was fairly simple.

"Once you're cleared on that, you're good to go," she said.

So what's she looking to get for rent during the Draft?

"We have ours at $3,500 [per night]," she said. "I know people have rented theirs for a little bit lower. But the idea is, as it gets closer, the demand is going to go up just because there's not very many housing options around here."

Taryn says her daughters don't mind cleaning and leaving their house for Packers game weekends.

"It's something that we're doing as a family so that they can do extra activities, or we can go on a vacation or different things like that," she said. "So they understand."

The Bellevue village board will discuss its short-term rental policy at its meeting here at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

It will also vote on whether to award a contract for the multi-million dollar expansion of the Village Hall building.