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Appleton construction company switches from hard hats to helmets

Posted at 8:59 PM, Feb 09, 2024

APPLETON (NBC 26) — When you’re on the job site, safety is everything. In years past, you would start with a hard hat.

But, not these guys.

  • The Boldt Company did away with hard hats in favor of safety helmets
  • While unsure at first, workers have adapted to the changes

“We switched to safety helmets here at the Boldt company," says Safety Operations Manager Kristin Clements.
This is in light of research that shows construction workers receive more traumatic brain injuries than other industries in the United States.

Clements helped lead the change.

“We recognize the advancing technologies and protection out there for the employees,” said Clements.

They are no longer using hard hats. Instead, safety helmets are now the new head protection gear of choice for Boldt.

However, workers like weld shop foreman William F. Cummings had to adapt to the changes at first.

"It was something that for guys that I’ve worked with in construction for 20-25 years that have used the same hardhat," Cummings noted. "Then, the new ones got launched out and right away there was, you know, confusion and a lot didn’t like to switch right away.

Boldt's safety helmet was launched back in 2022. Now, workers like Cummings say they like the helmets better than hardhats.

“Being able to switch out the face shields, welding helmets they’re a lot more breathable," Cummings said, giving credit to the design. "They are a lot more comfortable.”

The common symptoms of a traumatic brain injury can include headaches, dizziness, confusion, or fatigue. If you feel like you’ve suffered one, contact a healthcare professional immediately.