Wisconsin grown and made beer and wine

Are you someone that likes to cook with locally grown foods? Take your meals one step further by pairing them with beer and wine made from locally grown hops and grapes. 
Ann O’Leary, the 69th Alice in Dairyland, joined us on Wisconsin Tonight to talk about Wisconsin grown and made beer and wine.
O’Leary said choosing to pair your meal with a Wisconsin made beer or wine supports our state’s farmers, communities and economy. Not only is your money going back to support our breweries or wineries, but it also supports Wisconsin hops farmers and vineyards.
Many Wisconsin beers and wines are made using Wisconsin grown ingredients like hops and cold-climate grapes.
She said the state has around 90 hops growers in the state.Wisconsin was actually the top hops producer back in the 1860s with peak production topping out at over 6 million pounds. The state now grows nearly 190,000 pounds. The most common hops variety used in brewing is “Casacade”.
The first Wisconsin vineyard was founded by same man that went on to found Napa Valley after his vines died during winter. There are about 300 grape growers throughout the state.
Some wineries grow their own grapes; others purchase grapes from local vineyards, and 130 wineries in the state, making fruit and grape wines.
For more information on Wisconsin wines, viewers can go to wiswine.com
For more information on Wisconsin beer, viewers can go to wibrewersguild.com
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