Wisconsin Elections Commission Holds Meeting on Recount

Brown County Republican Party chair Marian Krumberger spent Monday searching for volunteers to help with the recount effort, although she says she doesn't agree with it.
"I think it's a waste of money and dollars, it's very expensive and not needed," said Krumberger.
The recount in Wisconsin is estimated to cost roughly $3.5 million.  Green Party candidate, Jill Stein claims to have raised the funds needed for the recount.
Hillary Clinton supporting Stein's efforts and now democrats are supporting the recount.
"I do understand that it's going to take a lot of time and cost a lot of money, but I don't think that we can ever say that truth, dignity, honesty and ethics is too expensive or too bothersome," said Outagamie County Democratic Vice Chair, Jeanette Beschta.
Monday morning the Wisconsin Elections Commission met to discuss the recount.
"We're going to look back when this recount is completed and find that the system worked well," said Wisconsin Elections Commission chair, Mark Thomsen.
Elections commissioners say Stein's claims regarding possible faulty voting machines can't possibly be true.  Commissioners say the voting machines are not connected to the internet and could only have been tampered with by an employee at the office, something highly unlikely to have happened all across the state of Wisconsin, according to Elections Commission administrator, Michael Haas.
"An individual would need to have unfathered physical access to voting equipment and be able to enter the locked cabinet where the memory device is located," explained Haas.
County clerks will have until 8:00 on the night of December 12 to complete that recount process.
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