Mayor Schmitt found guilty for accepting contributions over the legal limit

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Green Bay's Mayor Jim Schmitt appeared in court on December 5 on charges for accepting contributions over the legal limit and accepting corporate money.

In court today, Mayor Schmitt plead guilty on three counts. 

Special prosecutor Bruce Landgraf asked the judge to issue Schmitt $4,000 in fines and 40 hours of community service. 

"He chose to lie and lies are what make this a gravely serious matter," the prosecution stated.

The defense argued that Schmitt never allowed this investigation to negatively impact the city. 

When Mayor Schmitt addressed the judge, he apologized saying, "Your honor I am really sorry, I am.  I apologize to the court, to my family and especially to the citizens of Green Bay."

The judge found Schmitt guilty on all three counts.

"You wanted this money, you had deposited a number of checks that were over limits that you shouldn't have taken in and you tried to allocate them so you could keep that money," said Judge Mitchell Metropulos who presided over the case in Brown County Court.

The mayor pleaded guilty to all three charges that were originally felonies, reduced to misdemeanors after a plea deal was worked out.

Mayor Schmitt was sentenced to a $4,000 fine and 40 hours of community service to be completed within 60 days. 
Some people feel that sentence is too light considering the crime.
"Council must remove him and that probably will be the next step and we'll let the council decide that," said Green Bay Alderman, Guy Zima.
Mayor Schmitt is now just asking the public for forgiveness.
"I hope the public sees that I'm human and that I made a mistake and that I rushed something, but my love for the city and commitment for the city is going to continue," said Mayor Schmitt at a news conference following his sentencing.
The mayor says he plans to serve out the remainder of his term as mayor in Green Bay.
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