Man in wheelchair continues his 170 mile journey to Lambeau Field

JUNEAU, Wis. - Trying to raise money for a handful of charities, a Beloit man in his wheelchair is traveling 170 miles all the way to Lambeau Field.

The man just left Janesville last week and has already logged about 50 miles as he embarks on the journey few would be willing to endure.

Dennis Schultze is just about to Juneau, Wisconsin as of Thursday. He’s only about 120 miles away from Lambeau field as he continues to average about five miles a day in his wheelchair. He's already making better time than he thought he would.

Schultz is trying to raise money for cancer and Alzheimer’s research, the march of dimes, and LEDR, which is a police benefit fund that helps departments and families cope with the loss of an officer. It's the fact that Dennis is making this journey with just one leg, that so many are stepping up for him. Already along the way people are giving him free hotel stays, lunches, new tennis shoes and all the support one man can handle.

Dennis says one man who asked for his autograph along the way completely reinforces why he is making the trip.

"He come in with a paper and sat down and come up and says would you sign this for me. And that was kind of awkward you know. But after we talked, he was a 10 year cancer survivor and I touched his heart... There is good in this world man I see it, I live it every day."

Dennis just visited a nursing home on Valentine’s Day and dropped off some flowers for strangers. It was there that a woman in a wheelchair told him he's inspiring her to get out of her chair. From raising money for charities, to just inspiring others Dennis will continue his trek for about another 30 days until he makes it the final destination of Lambeau Field.

For all of the details about Dennis’s trek and the charities he’s trying to raise funds for check out the link below.

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