Lessons learned in recount: voter fraud "is virtually non-existent"

23 WI counties finished counting ballots

In Wisconsin,  23 counties are now wrapped up with their part of the presidential recount.
Meanwhile, in Michigan Tuesday night, the appeals court ruled Green Party residential candidate Jill Stein has no right to seek a recount.
Still the recount there continues. And experts say the results should be a learning moment.
The future of Michigan's recount, which began Monday, is uncertain.
"And [Jill Stein] has no chance of winning," says Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, "so her grounds for a recount don't meet the statutory requirements."
But Stein's attorney disagrees, saying Tuesday's appeals court ruling isn't stopping the recount, which is well underway in Wisconsin.
In Ashwaubenon, paid volunteers behind Brown County's portion of the recount got to go home a little early Tuesday. Officials say they're expected to wrap things up by sometime Wednesday.
"So, recounts are confirming what some of us already knew," says political science professor emeritus Michael Kraft, "which is we counted correctly the first time." 
Kraft says the fight over the recount shouldn't distract from the facts it's uncovering.
"The reality is voter fraud is virtually non-existent," says Kraft. "A lot of people are cynical today, skeptical. They hear candidates who complain about how unfair, or inaccurate elections are. But we have among the most accurate vote counting in the world." 
Kraft hopes the outcome can restore faith in the system.
"I hope it also shows people we don't have voter fraud, and we don't misplace ballots, we don't declare people to be winners who were not winners," says Kraft. "So much damage has been done this year, to get back to normal is going to take a while." 


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