Two Green Bay Police officers resign after internal investigation over harassment

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Two Green Bay Police officers have resigned and about six more will face disciplinary action after an internal investigation revealed a pattern of harassment during the night shift, according to Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith.

The investigation started on December 13th when an officer reported multiple incidents of harassment between officers to higher ups, Chief Smith said.

He immediately put two patrol officers involved on administrative leave, he said.

After an investigation involving more than 100 hours of officer interviews, those two officers resigned from the department, Smith said. The patrol lieutenant and patrol officer who resigned had worked for the department for seven and three years, respectively.

The investigation revealed a pattern of harassment, including racial and derogatory comments made from officers to other officers, Smith said. About half a dozen officers will face consequences because of their involvement as well, he said.

This was only among officers and did not involve the community, Smith said.

The Police Department is looking into past cases involving these two officers to see if there was any unconstitutional or biased policing, but so far they have found no evidence of that, Smith said.

Because the investigation is still ongoing, the department is not revealing the names of the officers involved.

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