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You may qualify for a $25 voucher from Shutterfly’s class-action settlement

You may qualify for a $25 voucher from Shutterfly’s class-action settlement
Posted at 11:13 AM, Jan 09, 2024

Have you used Shutterfly to create and purchase photo gifts during the past five years? If so, you may qualify for up to a $25 voucher from Shutterfly as part of a class action lawsuit. But you must act before Feb. 5 to get on the settlement list.

In a recent settlement statement in a class-action suit against Shutterfly, the court ruled that anyone who purchased one or more items using an advertised discount price from between April 1, 2018, and Aug. 25, 2023, can claim a $25 voucher good toward any online purchase towards future orders at Shutterfly.

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Eligible Shutterfly customers should have received an email to file their claim form. A claimant identification number can be found in this message and should be used when filing the claim online.

However, you can still apply for a voucher if you believe you are an affected customer and didn’t receive this notification or claimant number.

To get your name on the list, visit the official Shutterfly settlement claim website before Feb. 5, enter your claimant identification number and PIN, or type in your email address to start your claim.

If you did not have a claim number, enter your name, address, email address (including the one you used when ordering on Shutterfly) and telephone number.

Judges legal gavel on assorted cash

Eligible customers who do not file a formal claim will receive a $25 voucher for a future Shutterfly purchase.

According to the settlement agreement, plaintiff Rosemarie Rivali filed a class-action lawsuit against Shutterfly on April 1, 2022. She claimed Shutterfly engaged in “false and/or deceptive advertising” regarding discounts on the website’s merchandise. Rivali alleged Shutterfly deliberately and improperly led consumers to believe they were receiving a discount on their purchases.

The two parties worked with an arbitrator after the court refused the company’s motion to dismiss the case. They agreed to the class action settlement, and Shutterfly continues to deny any wrongdoing.

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