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We're Open: Brown County Library now offering pick-up service

The library's executive director said "thousands and thousands" of people participated in the program in its first week.
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Posted at 6:33 PM, May 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-06 19:33:56-04

Despite its doors being closed, the Brown County Library is still finding a way to serve its community.

Last week, the BLC launched a pick-up program at four of its locations - downtown Green Bay, Howard, Ashwaubenon and De Pere.

Brown County Library executive director Sarah Sugden said "thousands and thousands" of library card-holders picked up books last week alone.

"The service has been very popular," Sugden said. "We've heard so many wonderful, favorable comments from patrons who are really appreciative of this service and very grateful to have something new to read.

"One patron commented that it has made the time go more quickly," she laughed.

Customers can either call to put their books or other items on hold, or head to the library's website to browse the catalog - which Sugden said can be helpful.

"Lots of people go into a library and not really know what they want until they see it," she said. "For those browsers who don't have a particular book or particular author they want, we offer services too to help people find something new to read."

While the pick-up service has been a success thus far, Sugden said she can't wait until she can interact with patrons in person again.

"Librarians all over Brown County really miss our people," she said. "We miss the connections and the conversations. We are holding them in our heart and hope to see them soon again in person."

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