Forecast: Humid and Stormy

Posted at 5:23 AM, Jun 04, 2024

It is a warm & humid day for our neighborhoods! Temperatures in the low 80s today. We can also expect a few thunderstorms into the afternoon and evening as a couple of fronts more across Wisconsin. Severe storms are unlikely but once again looking at a risk of localized heavy rain and flooding. Rain and isolated thunderstorms continue overnight and into Wednesday morning.

Temps remain above normal in the mid to upper 70s on Wednesday. We can expect non severe thunderstorms across our neighborhoods on Wednesday evening.

After this cold front moves through we can expect cooler temperatures into the weekend.

On Thursday and Friday our highs fall into the low 70s. There is a chance for rain showers again on Thursday afternoon.
This weekend will be mostly sunny with temperatures reaching the low to mid 70s.