Forecast: Cool & Tracking Snow

Posted at 8:44 AM, Mar 20, 2024

Winter has finally arrived with the official start of spring. Temperatures will be 10 degrees below normal for the next 5 days. Gusty winds today bringing you wind chill temperatures down into the low teens throughout the day.
Thursday comes with less wind and more clouds as we are bracing for the arrival of the snow.

Snow on Friday is everyone's main concern...
Coming from: Alberta, Canada
Timeline: Starting 1 am Friday - 2 pm Friday
      - heaviest snow during Friday morning commute
      - low winds, not worried about drifting/blowing snow
HIGH confidence on 2+ inches of snow in ALL neighborhoods
Cannot lay out a specific snowfall total range as the 3 main computer models are still VERY spread.

Another system works its way through Sunday night into Monday.
It looks like snow will go over to rain on Monday with warmer temps. The two snow producing systems heading our way are not set in stone. Significant accumulations are possible with each storm. Stay tuned!!