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Listen to two songs from Beyoncé’s new country album

Watch Beyoncé announce new music and listen to her two new songs
Posted at 10:55 AM, Feb 12, 2024

What better way to announce your second act than during America’s most watched sporting event? Beyoncé thrilled fans with an unexpected surprise when she used her starring role in an advertisement for Verizon to drop new music during the third quarter of Super Bowl 2024.

In the commercial titled “Can’t B Broken” the megastar attempts to break Verizon’s network in various ways by doing things such as opening up a lemonade stand and introducing the AI version of herself, but she can’t seem to break Verizon even by announcing she’s running for president, or “Beyoncé of the United States.”

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Watch the Verizon ad here:

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After even more unsuccessful ploys to break Verizon, including flying to outer space to perform, the singer finally declares, “You ain’t gonna break me.” She adds, “Ok, they ready, drop the new music.”

Shortly after the ad aired, Beyoncé posted on social media “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM and 16 CARRIAGES out now” as the second part of her multi-part “Renaissance” album. The singer’s YouTube account posted the video above, featuring a picture of Beyoncé donning a cowboy hat and little else, appropriately singing her new song, “Texas Hold ‘Em” with a country twist.

Fittingly, the star also recently wore a white cowboy hat to the Grammy Awards, no doubt as a hat tip and coy nod teasing this upcoming release. Beyoncé is from Houston, and it’s exciting to hear the singer return to her roots with a song bearing the name of the Lone Star State.

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The second song the beloved artist released, “16 Carriages,” features the singer belting out poignant and heartfelt lyrics that country music is synonymous with including:

At fifteen, the innocence was gone astray
Had to take care of home at an early age

I saw Mama cryin’, I saw Daddy lyin’
Had to sacrifice and leave my fears behind
The legacy, if it’s the last thing I do
You’ll remember me ’cause we got somethin’ to prove
In your memory, on a highway to truth
Still see your faces when you close your eyes.”

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