Kaine discusses gender equality and the economy

Posted at 3:32 PM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-01 17:28:34-04

It's crunch time for campaigning, and that means one last push for Wisconsin voters in the presidential race.

Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Tim Kaine visited the Fox Valley on Tuesday, November 1 campaigning at Lawrence University. 



Kaine began his campaign for Hillary Clinton at the Warch Campus Center at Lawrence University by asking "are you ready to win, Wisconsin?!" 

Kaine went on to address the significance of the millennial vote and say that Wisconsin is "absolutely key" in this election. He urged Wisconsinites to vote and to vote early. 

Throughout his speech, Kaine discussed the importance of gender equality and his belief that Trump "can't look at a woman and see an equal."

On the other hand, Kaine says Hillary Clinton is an advocate for empowering children and their families. Kaine discussed Clinton's ideas for fixing infrastructure, raising the minimum wage, equal pay for women, and collective bargaining. 

He said that the most important issue facing Americans is the economy. 

"We have to have an economy that works for everyone and not just those on top," he explained.


He also spoke about the cost of college being too high and the belief in tuition-free college for low-income families. 

Finally, Kaine addressed the environment by saying that there is a global consensus on human-caused climate change. 

"Me and Hillary believe in science," Kaine said. He continued by promising that he will work with Hillary Clinton to solve the problem of climate change.

He ended his speech by saying that Hillary Clinton "has heart" and is willing to "roll up her sleeves" to work hard and get the job done.