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Two Stars for Two Rivers: What's next for school district after low scores on state report card

Posted at 5:51 PM, Dec 08, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-11 11:31:38-05
  • Two Rivers School District scored a 51 on the state report card. The scores are based on factors such as achievement, growth and on-track graduation.
  • Director of Teaching and Learning Kyle Korinek said that changes are in place and the school is going in the right direction. He says three years from now he expects the district to exceed expectations.
  • The score puts Two Rivers in the category of "meets few expectations" but mother, Karissa Ellis, says her students are still thriving. She says she trusts the district.

The state report card grades school districts in Wisconsin on a scale from zero to 100 and gives 1 out of 5 stars based on the rating. In Two Rivers, the school district scored low. We first told you about Manitowoc’s low scores earlier this week, now our community is asking what can be done to improve the scores.
"We've had about a 10-year decline in overall report card scores,” said Kyle Korinek, Two Rivers' director of teaching and learning. "Now it's not going to take us 10 years to get back there, but it is going to take some time to make some change."

The scores are based on factors such as achievement, growth and on-track graduation.

Two Rivers came in at a 51, scoring two of five stars, in the category of “met few expectations.”

Korinek says three changes that will raise scores are a uniform curriculum, systems that better attendance and giving more data to teachers.

"We've done a lot around the concept of professional learning communities,” Korinek said. “Reviewing data and having teachers take the information that students are giving them, turn around and have that inform their practice."

I heard from multiple parents who said they're not confident in the school. However, no one agreed to go on camera for an interview.

But in the pickup line at J.F. Magee Elementary School, I talked with local mother Karissa Ellis. She said although scores are low, she has enjoyed sending her two kids to school in Two Rivers.

"From what I’ve seen, they try to make improvements and are dedicated to hearing what the family needs are as well as the students' needs and tailoring those needs to each student,” Ellis said.

Karissa says her children have prospered and she believes the district will get the scores up.

"As long as I know my students are thriving and having their needs met,” she said. “I will be happy."

Korinek says that through the changes the district has made and the progress that will continue to happen, he expects the schools to be exceeding expectations three years from now. You can read more about the state report card here.