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Police urge community to keep looking for Elijah Vue as searching slows

Where is Elijah Vue
Posted at 5:56 PM, Jul 03, 2024

TWO RIVERS (NBC 26) — For months, people from around Two Rivers and even the state searched for Elijah Vue. Now, police say community searches have largely dried up, and Vue's family says their searches are also on pause.

  • Three-year-old Elijah Vue was reported missing from Two Rivers in February.
  • Two Rivers Police Captain Andrew Raatz says the department no longer searches daily, but they follow every tip and lead.
  • Elijah's uncle, Orson Vue, says that the family's searches have come to a standstill.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story.)

I spoke exclusively with Elijah Vue's uncle, Orson Vue, and police as they urge people to get back out here and look for the little boy.

Elijah Vue disappeared on February 20th. Shortly after he went missing, searching began and quickly grew. Many people gathered at the Mikadow Theater in Manitowoc, and then they went out in groups into our neighborhoods, fields and forests, in hopes of finding Elijah.

I was invited out with Elijah’s family several times as they looked for him.

On Wednesday, I spoke with Elijah’s uncle, Orson Vue. He told me the family is doing well, but their searches are at a standstill. He says they had to get back to work and they don't know where else they can even search.

He said the family talks with Wisconsin DCI regularly and they're the first to get any new developments. Orson told me he would share any details with me about upcoming searches the family plans to go on.

I also spoke with Two Rivers Police Captain Andrew Raatz, who's urging the community to continue searching.

"People need to get out there. Walk the trails, walk through the woods, walk along the lake, walk around the rivers,” Captain Raatz said. “Keep your eyes open. If you see something suspicious, call it in."

Captain Raatz says police searches also tend to dwindle after a long period of time, but that doesn't mean they're not still looking.

"They're not every day anymore,” he said. “But, we're following up on every tip and lead that we get."

The FBI and DCI are still involved in the case. Captain Raatz says they still do investigative work both in and out of town.

"Analyzing video, drone footage. Things like that,” he said.

On Monday, Elijah’s mother, Katrina Baur, scheduled a plea hearing. Manitowoc's DA says she asked to change her plea.

Even yet, Captain Raatz says the search operates separately from the court room.

"The court part right now is based on neglect charges,” Captain Raatz said. “But, we're looking for a missing child so that goes beyond that right now."

And while the investigation continues and days are difficult, Captain Raatz says they're not giving up.

"We're going to find him,” Captain Raatz emphasized. “When? I don't know. Today, tomorrow, next week, ten years from now, I don't know."

Captain Raatz told me they will look into a tip no matter where it leads them, but a lot of their evidence still points to the Two Rivers area.