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From childhood fights to touchdown celebrations; brothers thrive as teammates

Posted at 7:01 PM, Sep 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-14 20:01:32-04
  • A few of Two Rivers' star players are brothers and feed off of each other on Friday nights.
  • Both of the Senior-Sophomore pairs say playing together is not only amazing but means the world to their parents.
  • Each sibling says that they are pushed by their brother competitively in both practices and games.

At Two Rivers' football stadium, they are having quite the season as they prepare to play Kiel on Friday night. Sitting at 4-0, Coach Kevin Shillcox says they are in a great position to win the conference and make a playoff run. Some of their best players are not one, but two sets of brothers.

Running back Chase Mathias and Quarterback Justin Klinkner make up the dangerous backfield for Two Rivers, but this year they share the field with their younger brothers Max and Derek.

"We'll be doing a tackling drill and whoever can rip the dude down the hardest, whoever can get there quicker, every little thing is a competition," said Max Mathias. "I know if I don't make it, I'll have my brother right behind me and he'll be able to make that play every single time."

In a previous game Justin, who also plays defense, had the chance to lead block for Derek as he returned a pick-six to the end zone. Something his younger self could only dream of doing.

"Growing up playing catch the football with our dad, probably getting into a few fights over football," Justin said. "So now that we are actually on the same team, it's kind of cool how that correlates to the actual field."

The Mathias' have a similar memory of Chase actually pushing his brother, Max, into the end zone. The Klinkner’s and Mathias' both say what makes it so special is what it means to their parents.

"They've waited for this our whole lives," Chase Mathias said. "They've wanted to watch us compete together and dominate on the field together."

Memories that will last a lifetime for all four boys.

"I think it's kind of cool to be out there with family and having a good time," Derek Klinkner said.

"We'll tackle the running back together and we'll get up all hype, we're jumping, clapping," shares Max. "I don't know. Every game, it's just memories every single game."

Both sets of brothers mentioned that they are not only making memories with their brothers but having them out there pushes them and makes them play better.