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Elijah Vue has been missing for one month; a look at what's happened since February 20th

Posted at 5:03 PM, Mar 20, 2024

TWO RIVERS (NBC 26) — It's been one month since the disappearance of Elijah Vue.

  • Elijah Vue went missing one month ago on February 20th, 2024.
  • There have been updates, including a car to look for and progress in court, but Elijah has not been found.
  • Two Rivers volunteer Fire Department Chief Mark Leichtfuss says that his team has been searching since the beginning and will not give up now.

I’ve been following the search closely with stories about the Vue family and the community. Now we look at the last month and where the search stands now.
Volunteer firefighter Mark Leichtfuss has been on this search since Elijah went missing.

"We always go out hoping that today is going to be the day that we find that clue, or find him or find an answer,” Chief Leichtfuss said.

Searching that began on February 20th after police say Jesse Vang reported Elijah missing.

Prosecutors have since charged Vang and Elijah’s mother with child neglect, but not in connection with his disappearance.

Weeks of searches followed, the largest organized by Elijah’s family and his uncle, Orson Vue,

"every day it's more and more draining,” Orson said a week after Elijah disappeared. “Physically, mentally, emotionally."

Then on March 5th, the police released images of a Nissan Ultima car asking people in the area to check security video for it on the day Elijah went missing.

By this point, searchers including Yolanda Godfrey, were going out every day county-wide.

"He has become two rivers son, grandson, nephew, brother, friend, you name it,” Godfrey said.

In court on the child neglect charges, Vang's case was delayed multiple times as he waited for a public defender. Baur was bound over for trial.

"There's probable cause that a felony was committed and probable cause that she committed it,” Judge Robert Dewane said of Baur in court.

That brings us to this week when police confirmed Elijah’s blanket was found nearly four miles from his home on Goodwin Road.

The search is obviously not over and Chief Leichtfuss and others say they'll continue working to find Elijah.

"My guys know that he's out there somewhere and we just got to keep pushing through until our job is done,” Chief Leichtfuss says.

On Thursday, vang will appear in court but only for scheduling purposes. On Friday, Baur will appear in court for her arraignment.

I will keep you filled you in on the latest in their cases and everything happening in Elijah Vue’s story.