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A 32-year drought to Friday Night Lights glory: Two Rivers football looks for more

Posted at 5:19 PM, Sep 12, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-12 18:20:50-04
  • Two Rivers won conference championship last year; first time since 1989
  • Two Rivers Senior Receiver, Chase Kellner, talks about culture change
  • Two Rivers will play Kiel in the Raider Bowl on Friday

There were 32 seasons, 32 years, and 32 graduating classes in between Two Rivers Football conference championships.

The Two Rivers football team won their conference championship last year for the first time since 1989. Now they're back, and the team's newfound success has the players and coaches very excited as well as the community

Chase Kellner is a senior receiver for Two Rivers, but he has been around the team as a ball boy since he was a little kid. He has seen first-hand a few of the changes within the program.

"A big thing that changed was the culture," Kellner said. "The guys yelling at each other, cussing each other out after a bad play, just not together as one. We're really just one solid group here now."

Veteran coach Kevin Shillcox says the program's success and the community's excitement on Friday nights are rewards from a decade of hard work.

"Football carries a lot of weight in town, you know how people feel about it and they pack the stands here every week," said Coach Shillcox. "Last year, this year, it's really gotten to be a big event."

After getting the program on track, he knows a conference championship banner in the gym looks great, but as Coach Shillcox stands alongside the school's state championship trophy case, he hopes there's an even higher honor to come.

"Now we're missing something out here," he admits. "It would be nice to get something out here eventually."

Chase Kellner has seen the programs low moments and now looks to be a part of more of the program's best

"I was in maybe 6th, 7th grade, something like that and it was maybe a three win season, I think," Kellner says. "It was just something that I grew up watching and I didn't ever want to be that. I want to win games and be together as a family."

This week, Two Rivers plays Keil in the Raider Bowl. Coach Shillcox says it's going to be a fight, as when the two play it's always close.